Updated 11/2/2020 with New travel protocol!

New York announced a new protocol allowing out-of-state travelers to "test out" of the State's mandatory 14-day quarantine. Starting Wednesday, November 4th, travelers must be tested within three days prior to landing in New York, quarantine for at least three days upon arrival, and get tested on the fourth day of arrival. If travelers receive a negative test on the fourth day of their quarantine, they can exit quarantine. Read more about the State's new guidelines.  



First and Foremost WE MISSED YOU ALL!!! 

For clients that are concerned about the measures that we are taking. We take this very seriously and want to make sure that we are the safest salon 

We want to start by letting you how much we value you as a customer and friend. We want to thank you for your loyalty. Our concern at the moment is the safety of our guests and employees. We have put in place a plan to do our very best to insure your safety and ours. The following is a list of approved measures we are taking to insure your safety and health.

We will be open on the very first day we are legally allowed Which as oof now is expected to be Wednesday June 10th. Our phone lines are open to book appointments (516) 766-4035 or text (516) 864 4247 or Email HairMachineSalon@gmail.com 


We ask for your patience as we are trying to figure out this new scheduling and trying to do it the safest way possible 

Please be kind to our receptionist as they have been working extremely hard to answer all the emails, texts, and phone call and are handling an incredible amount of appts and questions and they will get to you as soon as possible

We ask clients to be come a few minutes early to find parking  (there will be no valet) and to be on time to their appointment, because of the new restrictions we will have a very hard time accommodating anyone who is not on-time for their appointment 

When clients arrive for their appointment we ask that they stay in their car and contact us by phone

(516) 766-4035 or text (516) 864-4247

 text your stylist if you have their number. But understand they are busy doing hair and might not be able to answer immediately.

We will let them know when their stylist is ready for them. There will be limited waiting area in the salon.

        Hair Machine Salon has hired A to Z disinfecting solutions to fog the salon with CDC and EPA approved hospital grade disinfectants to remove 99.9% of known pathogens including Coronavirus COVID-19, And then with a patented technology that makes every surface anti-viral for up to 90 days this will be done regularly.





-We will be following all guidelines as to how many people are allowed in the salon at one time. Which At the moment is 50% Capacity

-Staff showing symptoms of COVID-19, staff that have come in contact with or have any family with COVID-19 will be asked to stay home.

-Clients will only be allowed to enter and exit thru the front door

-Guests are asked to come alone unless they need a person to assist them such as an aid

-Clients will be asked to leave any nonessential items in their car, bringing in only their phone and one bag. Bags must be hung on hooks at the station and not left on chairs

-We will discontinue self serve at our coffee / refreshment area

-We will do a brief health screening before clients are serviced including having their temperature taken (touch less). If you have a fever, you will be rescheduled. 

You will be asked the following questions:

Have you had a Cough?

Have you had a fever?

Have you had any symptoms of covid-19?

Have you been around anyone with covid-19 or symptoms of covid-19?

-We will ask clients to wash their hands before their service

-We will require clients to wear masks while inside the salon 

we have purchased one time stick on masks that will prevent the ear loops from interfering with your service while still protecting you and everyone around you

-We will only be using every other station to maintain 6ft social distancing

-We have placed barriers in between each sink

-Staff will be required to wash their hands between every guest

-Staff will be required to wear masks and face shields while in the salon

-Staff will wear gloves whenever possible (it is not possible during a haircut) and always change them between each guest

-Clients will be asked to use hand sanitizer before touching any products in the retail area ideally asking for help from staff instead 

We have hand sanitizer that makes your hand antibacterial and antiviral for up to six hours all of the staff will be using it and it will be available for all of the customers to use when they come in (This product will also be available to buy in 1.7oz sizes)

-Stations, chairs and sinks will be wiped down with disinfectants between every client

-All tools will be sanitized between each service and have been treated with the 90 antiviral disinfectant 

-Bathrooms will be sanitized on a frequent schedule along with all frequently touched surfaces in the entire salon

On Fridays and Saturdays for a Limited time 
We will ask clients to go home and wash out their own color in any situation that is possible (single Process color, not highlights)

 to minimize the time they are in the salon or to process in their car or outside the salon and come back in to get washed

-We will ask clients to maintain social distancing of 6ft

-we have installed HEPA filters in all of the hand dryer’s and all of the AC units 

-We have UV lights and air scrubbers in all the ac units

As this is a new situation, If we come across other guidelines we find necessary to change for safety, we will.

Hair Machine retains the right to refuse services to anyone who they feel might pose a health risk

We are very excited to see our valued friends and wish you all well.

    Sincerely yours,

Justin Ferrara
     President/ Owner
       Hair Machine Salon​​